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No matter who you are, you deserve to flourish.


Whether you’ve written novels or write mostly in emails and text messages, you belong here.

These workshops are your spark toward healing. And joy. And deeper connection—to yourself and those we gather with.


We’ll use community conversation, poetry, quotes, letters, and more to dive into who we are, our place in the world, our impact, and our wellbeing.

And to just have fun.


"Ashley Asti is one of the best persons I have ever worked with. She radiates warmth and joy and you get to absorb it just by being around her. "I had the privilege of watching her lead workshops on poetry with persons with Parkinson's and their care partners. While some of them were very comfortable in this medium, others were a little out of their comfort zone and Ashley immediately made them comfortable and at ease. She explained how to compose a poem and broke it down so it was easy to follow. You could see how excited and proud participants were as they engaged and began to create their own meaningful poem. "I have always maintained Parkinson's shows the triumph of the human spirit and you could see it in the folks as they shared their poems. To be honest, Ashley created magic during those workshops with our community and it was an honor to participate and witness." -Eden Feldman, LCSW; Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance

"I was given the greatest gift by having the opportunity to participate in a poetry workshop led by Ashley Asti. The experience I had in the workshop has been life changing. "I had never taken the time before in my life to write a poem. At the age of 53 years old, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and I was just going through the process of all the feelings involved in that journey. I didn’t realize I had the gift of poetry, this creative spark. The workshop was an exploration; uncharted territory for me. It was as if a new door was open to me, the discovery that I could express myself and my feelings. "Ashley created an accepting atmosphere where people can feel safe in shared connection for healing. It is with gratitude that I recommend a poetry workshop, or any creative workshop, with Ashley. She helped me recover my self, and instead of getting lost within a diagnosis of a disease that isn’t curable, I found myself, my inner voice and my inner power. Ashley’s curiosity and warm positive energy led me to my own discovery, my creative spark. "I rediscovered how to create light, to ignite and inspire. My life was re-created. And I am grateful." —Karen, workshop participant

"They say first impressions are lasting. This could not be more true when it comes to Ashley Asti. Her creative conviction, overflowing empathy and strong self awareness of strengths bring a refreshingly authentic vibe to every interaction. "If you have the great fortune of working with her, jump at the opportunity. You will not be disappointed!" —Anna Grill, Founder of Young Onset Parkinson's Network; workshop host

"You are in for a treat! Ashley uses poem-writing activities as a journey into yourself. I had never written a poem, but somehow my pen flowed and gave thanks to those who came before me and their collective impact on my life journey. "Somehow, I dug deep and discovered unspoken twists and turns in life, roads I've traveled, people I've connected with, and how I define purpose and impact in the journey. "I hope that you will experience and find the tapestry of your life journey as Ashley leads you through simple writing activities that will allow you to explore your fullest self." -Denise, workshop participant

Host a Workshop

Bring a healing writing workshop led by Ashley Asti to your group or organization.

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